The Robbers is the lost thirteenth episode of Fawlty Towers.

Plot Edit

It's pouring with rain and Basil is quite cheery. There are no grumbling guests and it's peaceful. Sybil then storms in and orders Basil to clear the gutters or they'll flood. While listening to the radio, Basil hears there are robbers "The Terrors of Torquay" lose in Torquay raiding hotels. While Basil and Manuel are clearing the gutters, a group of guests arrive from Heathrow and Exeter International. All flights are cancelled due to severe weather. To make matters worse, luggage is disappearing, the food supply is low and the power goes out. Basil suspects that Doug and Judy Norman are the robbers. Later that evening Sybil has gone to rescue Audrey who is stranded at Torquay Harbour.

Notes Edit

Characters Edit

  1. Doug and Judy Norman
  2. Mrs Praline
  3. Erica Praline
  4. Donald Sinclair
  5. The Terrors of Torquay
  6. Jantzen and Kirstie Vandersloop
  7. T.J. Bedevere
  8. Gill Terence
  9. Constable Graham
  10. Constable Nudge
  11. The Torquay Fire Brigade
  12. Michael and Helen Palmer
  13. Mother Jones
  14. Schoolchildren
  15. Vicar
  16. Pickworth, Oxton and Whittingham
  17. Flynn Eiderdown

Quotes Edit

Basil: Guests of Fawlty Towers. Tacky tourists, waylaid wanderers and senile septuagenarians, I Basil Fawlty, owner of the humble establishment that you have disgraced with your presence, will now provide evidence that serves to identify a pair of notorious local hotel bandits. I reveal to you that the Terrors of Torquay are none other than-